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Hmmmm January 10, 2008

Posted by wesaday in Programming, Technology.

Well… first blog posting. Maybe I can do this as this weblog is easy to get to and post.

I think that I will use this forum to describe my trials and tribulations diving into the world of C# programming. Coming from a Visual C++ world, the C# language is not too much trouble to pick up. The major hurdle here is learning the .NET framework. The framework is way too big to learn in two or three weeks or months even. As with any application, careful and thoughtful planning will help things along.

 I have chosen to emulate an application that I have already written and make it have a more up to date interface and a bit more more friendly to work with. I am thinking the adding an add-in framework and scripting will help with the extensibility and the maintenance. I have decided to use the QIOS Devsuite, http://www/qiosdevsuite.com, components coupled with the XtraEditors components from DevExpress, http://www.devexpress.com.

I am currently waffling between diving right in and making a bunch of mistakes and doing the “right” thing and doing a bunch of design up front with class diagrams, sequence diagrams and all that painful stuff.  



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