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Wow March 7, 2008

Posted by wesaday in Programming, Technology.

Been a couple of days. Was playing around at work today. The head honcho thinks that UIs that are “flashy and neato” are the way to go. He’s kind of stubborn that way. So, I was playing around trying to figure out what we could to do to make this happen without exerting too much effort before it falls flat. One of the problems is that the boss man thinks that marketing people can able to design user interfaces. The other hurdle is that he thinks that all there is to designing a user interface is dragging and dropping pictures on the screen and they magically become buttons or grids or whatever you are thinking they are. So with these thing in mind, I created a kind of test application in WPF to check some of the stuff out. I was pretty much able to get a fairly decent program going with custom shaped buttons, styles, resource and animations without too much trouble. So I am thinking that using a combination of VS2008 and Expression Blend, that WPF would get us closer to the goal.

To do some learning and get used to some of this stuff, I will be writing a program that I need anyway and test out some of the capabilities of WPF at the same time. I have been needing a program that I can use to build installation programs. So this is my idea. I will create a program that can be configured to read a configuration file that contains project information, and translate that information to an XML file that will feed into WIX that will create an msi installation file. All of the installations will look and work exactly the same and we will have a single point of building these things. So that is it. Will be starting to work on that real soon. I actually have a working prototype program using Winforms but diving into WPF should be really easy to convert that code over.



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