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Various ramblings August 19, 2008

Posted by wesaday in Programming.

Lots ‘o stuff so will try and get this in in one shot.

Working with Embedded XP now too. What a joy that is. It’s cool that you can pick and choose what goes into the OS but omg if you aren’t an OS guru you are S.O.L. That and there is very little out there that will give you a clue what to do. Google is your best friend. I had quite the issue with getting a printer driver installed in the embedded image. The printer that we use would not show up in the available printers and the USB port was not being recognized. So after a lot of frustration I found a forum thread that appeared to be unrelated but was actually the very thing that I was looking for. Brenden on this thread, http://www.mcse.ms/message2212594.html  was having an issue with USB ports. Turns out that I needed to include these components as well and then it worked for me. So Brenden, where ever you are, thank you thank you thank you.

The WPF/WCF stuff is coming slowly. So much to learn and try out, so little time. So far I have managed to lay the base for globalization, learned some about the data binding, command bindings, dictionaries, using resources in modules and asynchronous calls in WCF. Not to mention styles, templates and animations. It’s getting a bit easier to get the things done the way I like. As usual, it’s always rush rush rush from management. So it’s usually more of getting it done so it works and not really understanding the why it works to begin with. Might be a problem later on…..



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