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EMX embedded system May 1, 2010

Posted by wesaday in Programming, Technology.
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Found this really cool item from GHIElectonics, www.ghielectronics.com. They have a variety of items, I got the EMX. It’s a development board that utilizes the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. Basically it’s .NET embedded on a chip. And since I am more and more working with hardware and embedded systems, I broke open the old piggy bank and bought one. The board comes with a bunch of connectors that are already wired up so you can pretty much get going right away. It has a ton of features that could be used for a bunch of different applications. The good news is that you can program and debug  the processor using Visual Studio. The bad news is that you have to code everything by hand which isn’t really bad unless you are doing a user interface using the touch screen as the Micro Framework does not have an overabundance of support for user interface components. What support there is does support WPF elements. XAML is not supported though.

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